Wednesday, June 29, 2011


from June 27, 2011: When the Public Rises, . . .

by David Swanson:

For the majority of people in the United States — a majority does not vote, a majority believes the government is broken, a majority thinks our public policy is headed in the wrong direction — the fact that we call this place a democracy is apparently outweighed by the fact that our national government almost never does what a majority of us want done. Some of the things we don’t want done include the destruction of the planet’s environment, the mass slaughter of war, the spreading of violence, and the concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny aristocracy while millions at home and billions abroad suffer horrifically for lack of readily available resources.


Greece is a Kleptocracy:

Strip away the bailouts and the bogus austerity plans, and the truth is revealed: Greece is a kleptocracy, and the banks and the ECB Eurocrats are both complicit.

Despite a veritable flood of financial and political analysis about Greece, nobody seems to have noticed the obvious: Greece is a kleptocracy. Just as a refresher, here is the definition of kleptocracy. Ask yourself is this doesn't fit Greece like a supple leather glove:

Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, from the Ancient Greek for "thief" and "rule," is a term applied to a government subject to control fraud that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats), via the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service. The term means "rule by thieves".

He asks the next day, if it makes you squirm to admit you live in a kleptocracy too?

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Friday, May 27, 2011


To all bloggers, internet contributors, fellow gripers and complainers:

If you are incensed,offended and disappointed by the crappy news presentation on TV and radio. If you' re angry at the lies of ommission,
misrepresentation, and misleading news stories. If you think Paul Krugman
is a dope and the talking heads on CNBC, CNN, CBS NBC and XYZ are
fascist, socialist, communist leaning meatheads, then why, pray why do you watch TV and listen to these jerks?

Your TV and radio have an off button, but you have to use it.

Try it, you'll like it.

With Love and Kindness,


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Will someone please write something new?

The internet is becoming a Pete and Repeat saga of nothingness squared

and then doubled.

Seemingly one guy gets a thought , Dum Dum Bernanke or The

empty suit president makes a scripted address and twelve writers pick it

up and make the same comment ( in 500 or more words).

Does anyone not know:

l. The Navy Seals killed a dead guy in Pakistan

2.Some cleric says the world will end 5/20/11 at 6 P.M.

3. The financial cabal torpedoed and is holding down the price of silver.

4. Our manufacturing base has been shipped overseas.

5. Obama's birth certificate is another forgery.

6.The war in Libya does not have congressional authorization.

7. Quantitative Easing is creating price inflation.

8. Gold and Silver are increasingly in demand.

9.The U. S. favors the repressive regimes in Yemen and Bahrain.

10.The U. S. will support Israel no matter what they do or stand for.

Give us a break! Have an original thought or tell us something we don't already know or can figure out for ourselves. Jim Rogers accurately called you guys "a bunch of monkeys with typewriters using group think".

Where did these guys come from that are so highly regarded on the net?

Chris Martenson, John Mauldin, Mike Shedlock, P. Radomski? You guys haven't been right yet. Sorry, Addison Wiggins-- but you are known by the company you keep.

These guys are wondering why I singled them out because there are

dozens, no hundreds, more like them.

The dumbest has been the "debate" as to whether we were going to have inflation or deflation or whether there would be a QE3.

Dumb and dumber!

With Love and Kindness,


Saturday, May 21, 2011


More and more we who were formally sane , well balanced souls who reacted rationally to stories in and on the media, are questioning whether we live in an insane asylum with the inmates running it.

The propaganda and BS issuing forth from the government, Wall Street, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, pentagon and corporate America swallows us up in a sludge of words and ideas, from which there are no islands of truth to cling to.

From The "When the Walking Half Dead become the Undead by Smoking Mirrors May 20, 2011


"Real life has now outdistanced Hollywood and network TV in the fabrication of unbelievable scenarios and what that means is that the engine of illusion that has spellbound the populace for so long, has now reached the limits of its possibilities. It can only get crazier and more unbelievable, until the system devourers itself just like the approaching wave of apocalyptic zombies will be devouring what’s left of whoever is left in the web nets of the engine of illusion.

You tell yourself that it can’t be as twisted as you think it is. There must be something wrong with your perceptions. Can government and religion really be barking mad? Can Butch Napolitano and the rest of the front crew of zombie fascists, really be sawing off one of the top branches on the crazy tree, while they are on the far end of it? Apparently this is true. It’s unbelievable but so has been the handling of Katrina, the Gulf of Mexico disaster, Fukushima and the wave of gratuitous wars engaged in by the former home of the brave and land of the free.

All those vaccinations and vomiting propaganda and they didn’t come up with either for the tsunami of insanity that is sweeping the globe. That’s the real pandemic of concern. The people in charge are out of their minds and you see that in the recent behavior of the Zio-Ogre head of the IMF and the general policies of every agency, governmental, religious and financial in these times. This is the doing of the cosmos. This is where you wind up after traversing all of the steps from seemingly rational to obviously bat @@@@ lunacy. Ogres and zombies share similar dietary preferences.

You can’t look for material cause here. You can’t analyze the conditions of the times and come up with any rationale, for so much of the various juntas flailing around in the deep end of the pool. There is no sanity or sense to what is taking place. It’s not so much a matter of the world ending on Saturday. The world as we thought we knew it has already ended.

If you are an individual in the midst of this and are viewing it as it very much appears to be, what do you do? You can’t do anything about the mass of it taking place in front of your eyes and at a distance. You have to react to it from within yourself and make personal adjustments in respect of it. You have to hold to your center, while all about you are losing theirs.

This is not some temporary state of aberration. This is a world wide snake dancing into the cauldron of wild improbability. It can’t be happening but it is. I don’t know if pulses from the sun are causing this; some mysterious planet that we can’t see, the shifting of the magnetic poles, alien radio waves or some inexplicable, logical progression of materialism coming into fruition. Is it any of these, something else or a combination of things already mentioned? Who knows?

. .. The insanity around us is truly matched by the evil of certain individuals and forces like Rupert Murdoch and those controlling the directions of government and religion. All of these individuals, collectives and forces have literally sold their souls to the dark side, for whatever profit they are finding there. I don’t see the payoff but that’s me.

Consider well what you are reading here and seek your center with all due diligence because just as Nature is throwing all sorts of natural events at various locations, waves of madness are also swelling in portions of the human mind and I suspect these are powerful waves that can sweep up the unwary and carry them an appreciable distance before they have any idea what has happened to them. If you’re not seeing what I’m talking about, it is time to open your eyes before you wind up an appreciable distance from all things familiar, within and without."

With Love and Kindness,


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


RE: www. Goldseek.com12/20/2010 Interview of Richard Maybury by David Galliand

[Richard Maybury coined the term "Chaostan", delieneating an area in the Mideast and Asia that was destined to be unstable and atwar or civil upising for decades to come because they lacked the constraints of Common Law.
This very smart guy is astounding in his perception of reality in world affairs.
How does anyone get this smart?]

"DG: Returning just for a moment to your contention that governments need to exercise power. Is this just a psychological aberration amongst power seekers, or is there more to it than that?

RM: I regard it as a mental illness. People such as you and me and our readers are generally wealth seekers. We want to live a prosperous, comfortable life and we seek wealth in order to do that. By contrast, people who rise to the top in government are power seekers. They get their satisfaction from forcing other people to do what they want. They are essentially bullies.

Let's offer a little proof here. Practically every piece of legislation enacted in the last 100 years has involved the use of force on persons who have not harmed anyone. Anybody who wants that privilege has to have something wrong with them, so I think it's a given that when you're dealing with a high-level politician or a high-level bureaucrat, you're dealing with somebody who likes to push other people around, and that's the fundamental factor that the American founders were looking at when they created the Constitution. They understood that political power corrupts the morals and the judgment."

The United State's foreign poilicy is dictated by the power seeker mentality.

We like to push people and countries around, either with monetary and weapon bribes or military force or the threat thereof. We are partcularly fond of picking on small weak countries bur get all bent out of shape whena country like China doesn't cave in to our huffs and puffs.

Our constitution was designed to protect the citizens from these bullies, but notice how these facists are busy undermining and destroying our fundemental rights. Mr. Bush and Mr Obama: Our constitution is more than "just a piece of paper".

With Love and Kindness,


Monday, May 16, 2011


Yes, we all know that Osama Bin Laden was behind the 9/11 attack on the Trade Center complex, because our government and complicit media told us so. We know he has been hiding from us since then except when they parade him out of the White House cellar to make a videotape whenever there was an election or popularity polls were flagging.

We didn't know that the Afghanistan government offered to turn him over to us if we would provide proof of his guilt. Our illustrious President Bushher replied that "everyone knew he was guilty so no need for proof" -- or words to that effect.

In December of 2001, Osama did an interview with a Pakistani newspaper: Daily Unmat in Urdu, in which he denied involvement in the Trade Center attacks on September 11, and further suggests that secret forces within the U.S. government

should be investigated. Now why would he deny involvement then make a video bragging that his plan had succeeded. Curiouser and curiouser. Did the Navy

Seals kill a dead man, a double or no one? Why did the CIA claim he died from natural causes years ago?

Senator Inhoffe says he saw the classified pictures of Osama's corpse and verified

that it was Osama ( The senator did not say when he had met Osama).

The U. S. government would not lie, would they?

The recent fiascos of the war upon Lybia for "humanitarian reasons", fraudulent birth certificate copy and the "murder"and burial at sea of the long-dead (2001) Osama Bin Laden illustrate the clumsiness of the Obama's group, where the ink is hardly dry on the lies before the slowest of wits perceive they have been duped.

Comes now the push to get rid of (kill) Gaddafi . Why do they want him removed from power? Quoting from Michael S. Rozeff's article: "Why the

West Is Attacking Gaddafi" RE: Lew

"The basic reason is simple. Gaddafi confronts their power. He confronts the status quo of the Empire. He demands greater power for Africa and the African Union. He demands greater power for smaller countries in the United Nations. Gaddafi calls for investigations of past wars. He is calling for a new way forward that reduces the powers of any one or a few countries to dominate the world.. . . .

Gaddafi is a shrewd man of power, who has shown pragmatic flexibility in doing what it takes to stay in power. He likes being in power. He knows how to use power, with brutality when he deems that necessary. However, no man of power is purely good or evil. He is no exception.

Like those who run Western states, Gaddafi is a statist. They all think entirely in terms of the system of states. Although this system has violence and immorality at its heart and throughout its breadth, these leaders all employ a rhetoric of justice as well as a rhetoric of utilitarianism (that they do evil things at times for the sake of a greater good).

So, it is not just about Oil, although that is apart of this willful killing spree endorsed by that great Nobel Peace Award winner, President Barack Obama.

Oh come on America, are you so propagandized, dumbed down and

dull of wit that you have no discernment or judgement whatsoever?

With Love and Kindness,


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"More and more human beings live in vast urban environments surrounded by other human beings and the creation of human beings. The natural world.the traditional source of self-awareness is increasingly absent.

Furthermore, within the last century we have come to live increasingly in a compelling world defined by electronic media. These media have evolved a pace that is utterly alien to our true natures. It is bewildering to live in a world of ten second spots, each one urging us to buy something, do something, or to think something. Human beings in the past were not so assaulted.

And I think this constant assault has made us pliable in a certain unhealthy way. Cut off from direct experience. Cut off from our own feelings, and sometimes our own sensations, we are only too ready to adopt a viewpoint or perspective that is handed to us, and is not our own"--Michael Crichton, "Travels" , Ballantine Books, 1998

I haven't watched TV for several years. We have a TV set, but only watch movies

or recorded programs--no live TV. Prior to finding the off button, I increasingly felt

I was being programmed and manipulated as to what to think, do or believe. They (TV producers) were conditioning me to believe and accept as normal and natural all sorts of things that I had previously rejected, such as inter-racial marriage, co-habitation without marriage, incredible profanity that added nothing to the plot or story, females in macho roles, and constant politically correct verbage and pictures.

When the North Koreans did this it was called "brain washing" i.e. repetitive exposure

to propaganda critical to patriotic opinions.

You can tell those who are TV junkies by the opinions they hold and the ignorance of

financial, global and political affairs. They think, speak and act the "party line" .

With Love and Kindness,